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What is Interact?
All people who belong to an Interact Club are of high school or secondary school age. Some clubs emphasize leadership potential or good grades as prerequisites for membership.

Interact, however, is not an exclusive club. The most important credential is that a person wants to join and become a part of a lively group involved in promoting international understanding and serving the community. A typical Interactor, someone once said, can be described as "friendly, is caring, and is interested in things."

Clubs come in a variety of types and sizes. No two Interact clubs are alike. Some have as few as 20 members while others have over 200. The membership base of a club can be drawn from the student body of a single school or from the non-student population of a community. Meetings are hed once a month.

A Short History

Interact began in 1962 with the first club initiated by the Rotary Club of Melbourne, Florida, U.S.A. It has grown steadily to 6,270 clubs with 144,210 members in 168 countries.

Each Interact club is self-governing and self-supporting. Each club is sponsored by a Rotary club. The sponsoring Rotary club provides advisors and works with others to whom the club has obligations (school authorities, for example). The club is governed by a constitution, prescribed by Rotary International, and by-laws.

If you are a Jefferson Twp. resident, secondary school-age, and interested in forming or joining  an interact club, contact JTHS  at (973) 697-3535 or any local Rotary member for additional information.

Jefferson Township Rotary Club
Jefferson Township Rotary Club

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